About Us

We currently offer two locations within our town: first location, 710 Vermilion Lake road; second location, 3098 hwy 144, in Chelmsford. 

We service individual customers, to large fleet companies.

Bross Mobile Mechanic Service is a full service heavy duty truck and trailer garage, started in 1995 and is a licensed motor vehicle inspection station, in Chelmsford Ontario.

Bross Mobile offers …mobile repair services, customer pick up and drop off, shunting services, personal maintenance planning and custom work, just to name a few.

We work closely with local vendors to achieve the best value for our customers. We believe in supporting local business and networking with local companies to create a strong support system within our industry.

Our team of dedicated employees work closely together to meet your needs. 

Our service writers work diligently to help customers stay informed on progress, billing and scheduling.

Our licensed parts technician keeps our stockroom filled and organized everyday to ensure the best pricing and availability are there for you. We have a large inventory of parts including a wide selection of hydraulic hoses, fittings and pumps, we also deliver and ship parts where needed.

Our licensed 310 technicians and CWB certified welders work hard to be accurate and efficient from the most basic repair to the most complex.

We are happy to support our local schools in the co-op programs and welcome all students to the trades industry .

Bross Mobile branded, back, Transport truck, semi, tractor, no-trailer

Our service fits customers within the trucking, mining, logging and construction industries.

Mechanic actively working on Bross Mobile branded black tractor. Engine compartment /Hood open

Besides all standard repairs we offer…

  • Customized installation of UHMV liners
  • Annual safety inspections and certificates.
  • A-Z drivers for shunting trucks & trailers and equipment as needed
  • Endocted technicians available for servicing on mine site
  • Welding and fabrication services
  • Parking-daily/monthly
  • Wash bay

Custom Work

  • UHMV Liner
  • Our technicians have been trained in the installation process of these liners.  
  • All liners can be custom fit and adapted to your needs.
  • These liners are installed in equipment such as live bottom trailers, dump trucks, rock trucks, etc.